My experience in putting together this blog could be related to trying to teach a cow how to write. I’m going to be honest it was complete confusion for me I don’t know anything about technology i barely know how to use my phone correctly. However this was also a learning experience i learned a lot about databases available to me and how to design a webpage. All in all it was a stressful experience but helpful and much-needed.

I choose the story Where Are You Going Where Have You Been because I could relate to the main character and I went through her same emotions as she went through them. This story was magnificently written because even I the reader got goose bumps while reading the power Arnold Friend held over Connie. This story made me stop to think you really can’t trust anyone and a lot of people sometimes forget that. Also this story is especially terrifying because of the way the author leaves the ending to the reader.

I do belive I got more information from writing a blog rather than just a research paper. With a blog there is much more to it rather than just looking up sources and writing a paper about them in addition you also have to look up pictures and videos and other resources to put together their blog.